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Senior Manager

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I am a person who loves to read and to share with others what I have read: my opinions and ideas. I think fast on my feet and see many options and solutions to things. I seek out the compelling reason for doing what I do – and often find different ways to do things. I use experience, insight and instinct to narrow the scope of an issue and then bring in analysis and inspection to solve problems.
I dislike restrictions and limitations, formality, and monotonous routines. However, I can be very detailed and analytical when needed. For instance, my job requires a level of attention to detail. But, additionally, I really excel at seeing the big picture.
I love variety and am one of the few Michigan residents who really loves to be living here! I love waking up in the morning and not know what to expect from the weather. Although I was born and raised in Arizona, I left at 18 because I found the environment too boring – the weather was always pretty much the same…always too hot and dry!
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Senior Test Manager
Locality: Greater Detroit Area
Industry: Information Technology and Services

Twitter:  jshonka

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